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In ancient times, there was a sacred meal people ate that provided the body with its complete nutritional daily requirements. In its raw form, the sacred meal nourished the whole body throughout the day, providing energy, vitality, strength and good function. Today, we have combined these ingredients in their original organic form to create a single bar we call Sacred Food.

Health food bar

The Sacred Food Bar

Sacred Food is made from nineteen different ingredients, including five fruits, six nuts and six seeds. When these ingredients are combined in their perfect ratio, they can create a physiological change in the body.

The enzymes, vitamins and minerals in Sacred Food provide the essential components to the blood cells known as haemoglobin, which provides iron for oxygen-carrying protein that gives your body its vitality.

Eliminating additives, preservatives, gluten and GMO, and without any cooking involved, Sacred Food is a perfectly balanced ratio of nature's bounty.

Sacred Food is highly recommended by Naturopaths and Nutritionists.

What People are saying...

"...Since discovering Sacred Food’s raw organic fruit bar I have more energy, stay awake after sundown and no longer crave the junk food that was the mainstay of my diet. Even though my ‘me’ time hasn’t increased, I’m now naturally drawn to nutritious, balanced food and when I reach for a snack it’s fruit or vegetables. My general health and wellbeing has improved, I haven’t spent a cent on junk food – and I’ve lost 4kgs in just over a month - without dieting!"

"…After a month on Sacred Food I have lost up to three kilos in weight and have also lost any craving for sweet food. As I am not as hungry I tend to eat smaller meals too."

"…The Sacred Food bars will always be an important supplement to my health, fitness, and over all wellbeing."

"…Sacred Food makes an amazing breakfast - yummy, nourishing and satisfying. Half a bar easily sees me through to lunch. My eleven year old daughter enjoys Sacred Food for breakfast or as a snack and I love knowing she is getting so many complete nutrients."

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